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Why Certified Organics?

Cosmetic products with certified organics are the products  which do not contain chemicals and pollutants (pesticides, fertiliser, hormones, antibiotics genetically modified organism, etc).  In traditional cosmetics the ingredients are artificial molecules prepared by petrol oils  because of saving.  As the active ingredients of the herbs are very expensive to plant, harvest and extract, a “simple” counterpart of molecules are obtained  with industrial treatment. But, not only these “counterparts” are inefficacious but also the damage they cause has been discussed. In order to produce in a cheap way, they do not look like the ones created by nature which are more complicated. However, these components have essential roles; they guarantee of healthy and harmonious assimilation. The same issue is also true for the effects of waste water and garbage on the environment during a production period. 

What Are The Certified Organic Cosmetics?

They are personal care products compatible with organic structure of human, obtained from certified organic agricultural products. It is a kind of production, done by producing active ingredients with the organic farming outputs.

How Can I Understand If A Cosmetic Product Is Organic?

Some items might have “organic” sign but; if it does not have a certification logo, this shows that this products does not conform to Organic Standards. The globally accepted organic standard certificates like ETKO - COSMOS ORGANIC, USDA ORGANIC, ECOCERT, COSMEBIO , IMO , ICEA ,given to products by companies, are placed on products. The logo of the certification body and/or certificate number are placed on certified products. If no certification, it will be ambiguous to talk about being certified.

Why Cerfitication?

The primary goal is traceability and security. Certification means documenting the whole process is done within a discipline and under control.  The whole process is completely controlled by accredited organisations like ETKO,  ECOCERT, COSMEBIO , IMO , ICEA which are assigned to approve or not the organic production.

What are the ingredients of Certified Organics?

The nature presents us a wide variety of table of content. This natural variety lets lots of effective producs, which takes care of environment and your body balance, to form. All raw materials which can be used as content are approved by certification body. The raw materials which are harmful to human are specified and prohibited.

Are the Animal Sources in Certified Organic Cosmetics?

It is forbidden to user animal essence or test on animals in organic cosmetics. Only the products of animals (which are not harmful to animal life, such as honey, milk etc.) are legal.


The use of nano particles and production with nano technology is prohibited in organic cosmetics. As elements as large as DNA (nano particles) are not perceived by the cell there will not be a natural process in the body. 

What are the benefits of consuming certified organic products?

Organic farming is a way of production which respects biological diversity and natural balance, which is sustainable and which is a must. By consuming organic sertified products, you support agronomic practices, recycle of water, soil, air quality and decrease of petrochemical production! By using organic personal care product you support organic farming! You trigger organic process with the other outputs of supported organic farming, for instance; In order to get olive leaf extract, organic olive and organic olive oil is obtained as an output of organic farming at the same time. You ensure chains like organic food, organic textile to be re-built.  Consuming organic product is a healthy investment for a global recycle, for future, for the children who are our future. Organic process’ remind us of using developing science and technology only if it is compatible with mother nature.